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Hey there, I’m Steven. I’m a web and mobile UI designer striving to craft useful and engaging user experiences.



In my 3 years since graduating from the University of Texas I've had the opportunity to hold important design positions at several start-ups in Austin, Texas. You can get a little bit more info on my roles, responsibilities, interests, and other personal projects below.

Professional Experience


UI / UX / Web / Branding

As lead designer and co-founder at Dawgtown I have overseen the branding of the company from top to bottom, including the ideation and design of our logo and marketing materials, our consumer-facing website, and most notably our mobile application. We have a huge UI update coming soon, so keep an eye out.

Austin Craft Realty

Web Design

Austin Craft Realty is a team of apartment locating and first-time home buying experts based in Austin, Texas. I had the pleasure of doing a full blown website redesign, complete with integrations between the companies CRM and email marketing initiatives.


UI / UX / Web / Branding

The majority of my work at RxWiki focused on UI design for the web and mobile applications. This included client-side web design for community pharmacies, internal web design for the RxWiki brand, interface design for auxiliary product offerings, and UI/UX design for RxWiki's mobile application for community pharmacies. As the sole designer in the company, I was also involved in developing both digital and print marketing materials.

Personal Projects

ESPN Fantasy Football Redesign

Web App UI / UX Design

I took a crack at designing a dedicated dashboard for managing your ESPN Fantasy Football teams.


Barnes & Noble Redesign

Mobile UI / UX

After experiencing some a lot of difficulty navigating the current app provided by Barnes & Noble, I decided to do an unprompted redesign.


Primary Landing Page

Web Design

Primary is a simple and clean landing page I created in my spare time. I really enjoyed working with basic primary colors for this.


Logo Design


This is a collection of some of my favorite logos and word marks that I've designed over the past couple years.



Branding / Mobile UI

My buddy had an idea and I was free for an afternoon, so I mocked up a logo and a few app screens for Pronto, a Bitcoin wallet.




I’ve been designing in one way or another for most of my life. As a kid, I loved drawing and painting along to Bob Ross episodes on PBS, pulling my inspiration from anything and everything I saw around me. When I was 14 (and a car enthusiast) I had what I consider my first design gig, meticulously recreating the cars driven by famous Le Mans winners, drag racers, and street drifters on my xBox and selling them on an online marketplace. Shortly after completing my degree in advertising at the University of Texas, I made my way into web and mobile app design.

Design connected my inherent desire to present something in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible with the intriguing psychological puzzle that shapes why people do what they do. I believe that each brand and project is a unique opportunity to showcase personality and separate you or your business from the rest of the pack.


Web Design
App Design